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Throughout my extensive career, I've had the opportunity to assume various roles, allowing me to accumulate a wealth of expertise

Based in Milwaukee, I am a versatile professional with a background in art, holding a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Over the years, my journey has encompassed multiple facets, from being an artist and a director specializing in fund development for artists and nonprofits to serving as a curator of public art and an active community organizer. In the early stages of my career, I founded and curated Bliss Studio & Gallery, a platform for diverse multi-disciplinary installations.

Currently, I proudly hold the position of Development Director at Art Intersection Milwaukee and serve as the Director for Washington Park Wednesdays. These programs foster collaborative community art expression, reflecting my commitment to connectivity as a Community Arts Project Manager. In this capacity, I utilize my skills and resources as a freelance consultant, bringing projects to fruition for neighborhoods, communities, and non-profits in Milwaukee. My freelance consulting services extend to researching and writing grants, as well as aiding organizations with board management and business development.

During the summer months, as the leader of Washington Park Neighbors (WPN), I curate and facilitate Washington Park Wednesdays at the historic Washington Park Bandshell. Through design, marketing, and partnerships, I collaboratively drive an 8-week concert series, entertaining thousands of people in the Washington Park neighborhood.

Beyond my roles in community engagement and fund development, I channel my creativity into crafting functional and sculptural stoneware ceramics. Transforming traditional utilitarian forms into enduring art pieces, I draw inspiration from Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics, valuing their resourcefulness and emphasis on utility. Open to wholesale orders and enthusiastic about collaborative projects, I am dedicated to bringing creativity and purpose to the forefront.


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